Art By Quinn Productions
Art By Quinn Productions 

Row 1 - /God's Perfect Creation/ The Light of Dawn/ 



Row 2 - / Lady Day/ Ali The Greatest/Facing Homeward

Row 3 - / A Mothers Love/ The Hunt/Coleman"Hawk"Hawkins/

Row 4 - / Island Moon/Forever Phyllis/ Eyes of Slavery/

Row 5 -/ He Loved us with the Cross/He Leadeth us by the Still Waters/Reflections/

Row 6 -/ As Cold Waters to a Thirsty Soul/Sax Man/

Homeboy in the City/


Row 7 -/ Character of Blues/Dreams of the Homeland/

Many Faces of Color/


Row 8 -/ Unforgetable Nat/Out of the Shadows/ The Duke/


Row 9 -  Sunscape/Let the Light Shine In/ Red Sky in the Morning


Row 10 - Michael-King of Pop/Forever Nancy/ Sade- Smooth Operator


Row 11 - Chaka Khan/ Miles Davis-Mr. Cool/Luther-Velvet Voice


Row 12 - Denzel Washinton- Matinee Idol/ John Lewis - Good Trouble/Lena Horne- Class and Beauty


Row 13 - Harry Belafonte - Mr. Calypso/ Sidney Portier - Academy Award Winner- Chadwick Boseman -Wakanda Forever


Row 14 - Notorius RBG - Ruth Gader Ginsberg/Robert Deniro

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